Keeper of Reign: Book 1

Emma Right
Telemachus Press (2013)
ISBN 9781939337696

Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 16) for Reader Views (6/13)

“Keeper of Reign: Book 1,” by Emma Right, is the story of sixteen-year-old Jules Blaze, an Elfie (an elf-fairy hybrid), and his adventures as a Keeper of Reign.  After going out with his siblings, Jules returned to his home only to find his mother missing and his house ransacked.  With meager supplies and his siblings in tow, Jules set out to find his mother.  Will Jules be able to reunite his family?

Followed by agents of the Dark Lord Gehzurolle, Jules and his siblings adventured into the dangerous realm of Handover to free their mother.  Separated by an accident on the river and hunted by the Dark Lord’s minions, Jules and his siblings took two separate paths on the quest to free their mother.  Both paths were riddled with danger.  Will Jules and his siblings survive?  

The book was a fun read, but there were some rough edges.  Sometimes the story introduced a story or character that was dependent on some piece of un-introduced lore or lacked a lot of setup.  Some parts of the story also seemed inconsistent with each other.  The characters traveled a given distance very quickly, yet later traveled that same distance disproportionately quickly.  The author was very imaginative with the characters as well as the story elements.  Overall, I enjoyed this book and consider it an excellent book for a first-time author.

I would recommend Emma Right’s “Keeper of Reign: Book 1” to people who like adventure and fantasy books.  This book would be best suited for eight to twelve-year-olds.  The book, though it seemed long, was actually a very quick read.  This was the first in the “Reign Fantasy” series.  I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next one. 

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