Unlucky Charms (The Cold Cereal Saga)

Adam Rex
Balzer + Bray (2013)
ISBN 9780062060051

Reviewed by Mason Summers (age 11) for Reader Reviews (10/13)

“Unlucky Charms (The Cold Cereal Saga)” by Adam Rex is the second book in the series “The Cold Cereal Saga,” following “Cold Cereal” which I recommend you get, not just because it is the first book in the series that introduces you to the characters, but it is a really good book. Scottish (Scott) Doe is a boy with the gift to be able to see the “Fay” or fairy people. His mom Samantha works for Goodco Cereal Company and is now on a company trip in Antarctica where she has been for fifteen weeks. While she is in Antarctica, her son Scott and his sister Polly along with their friends, twins Emo and Emily (who has powers of her own), their housekeeper/nanny Biggs, a leprechaun named Mick and an accountant who is really, Merlin, continue to foil Goodco as they did in “Cold Cereal.” Goodco is a company that is secretly run by an evil Fairy name Nimue who intends to destroy the world in order for the Fay to regain control. I liked how the author Adam Rex came up with these creatures that seem like everyday people except for the part that the housekeeper is as big as Big Foot and the accountant is a wizard from King Arthur’s time and don’t forget the leprechaun and a toy prince named Fi.  The book is fast paced and you don’t know what will happen next. The characters are super funny and this time around they have kidnapped the Queen of England and replaced her with two goblins named Katt and Bag.

“Unlucky Charms (The Cold Cereal Saga)” by Adam Rex is a book I would recommend for all kids who like an adventure where mythical creatures and humans defend the world against an evil Fairy.

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