One Diverse Universe

Phyllis Reid
Philmar Foundation for Purposeful Living (2011)
ISBN: 9780979596223
Reviewed by Noelle Summers (age 16) for Reader View Kids (2/14)

“One Diverse Universe” by Phyllis Reid is a book about nine friends who went to play at the park together.  As they were walking to the park they realized how they are all part of a unified world, a world in which people should be treated as equal, no matter their race, religion, or economic situation. The author used verse to enable the reader to understand the many ways we are all part of one family.  After the children get permission from their parents, they head off to a nearby park. While there, they notice a group of kid’s fighting.  After much discussion, they realized two of the children are being picked on because they were different. The friends shared stories of how their parents explained to them, no matter what your color or religion, we are all part of God’s family, and that we should see oneness everywhere. The friends then questioned why mankind can’t just live in harmony instead of constantly arguing and fighting with each other. 

A decision is made to go share their thoughts with the group of children that were fighting.  After explaining to these children that it is a beautiful day and that they should just spread love and peace, not hate and war, they all shook hands and went their separate ways. When the group returned to join their friends, they were very happy with how things turned out and spent the rest of the day discussing how we are all united.

“One Diverse Universe” by Phyllis Reid has wonderfully colored pictures of a world where we are all united as one. While reading this book, I realized how similar we are to one another, and that there are simple steps to changing the world.  Just by accepting our unity as human beings, we should all have one goal for peace. I recommend this book to readers who will appreciate the peaceful art work, and are able to look at the book as a learning tool for how to achieve peace in the world one person at a time.

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