The BugyBops: Friends for All Time (BugaBees Series)  

Amy Recob
Beaver’s Pond Press (2012)
ISBN 9781592984749

Reviewed by Madison (age 6) and Hailey (age 4) Schlarman and Mom for Reader Views (3/13)

“The BugyBops: Friends for All Time” by Amy Recob explains how the BugyBops know just how to help their friends, the BugaBees who all live with dreadful food allergies.  They know all about EpiPens and how to take care of their friends who are sensitive to food and things in the air. From peanuts to eggs, shellfish and gluten, the BugyBops know when to bring their friends medicine and how to keep clean and kind with their friends in mind. These cute little bugs are ready to explore the world of allergies and how to be a kind and helpful friend.

Madison: The BugyBops have friends with allergies, just like you mom.  They get sick from foods like you do.  The Bugabees can’t have milk like me, or peanuts, or soy, but they can have red dye, sorry mom!  I know you can’t have red dye. If their friends get sick they have to give them a shot to make them better.  It is called an EpiPen.  Do you have an EpiPen mom? The BugaBees aren’t allergic to bees because they are bees.  They are just allergic to food.  Some people are allergic to medicine.  They are lucky to have the BugyBops as their friends.  The BugyBops are kind and wash their hands and bring food everyone can eat.  They don’t make fun of them, they help them.  I like the pictures and the colors.  I like books about allergies.  I answered all the questions right!

Hailey: I don’t have allergies like the bug bees do.  Mommy has allergies and so does Madison.  My friend at school has allergies too.  We don’t let him eat the food that makes him sick.  The teachers make him special foods sometimes. The bugs are nice to each other. Friends should be nice and kind.  That makes everyone happy.  No nuts, no soy, no milk, and no candy - it makes them sick. I like the pictures. They are pretty. I will be nice to my friends and if they get sick, I’ll help them by getting a teacher or a mommy to help.

Mom: As a child who grew up going to an allergist on a weekly basis and an adult who still suffers from allergies, this book is a diamond in the rough.  The industry sorely lacks well written books about allergies, even though they are something 2 out of 3 people suffer from on a daily basis.  I loved how “The BugyBops: Friends for All Time” by Amy Recob explained allergies, what we can do to help them and what kind of medicine helps an allergy attack.  The girls were completely hooked to the book, asking questions and commenting on the story.  Madison enjoyed answering the questions at the end of the book and I enjoyed the open conversation it facilitated.  I would love to add to our collection and will purchase more BugyBops books.

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