Jo MacDonald Saw a Pond (Jo MacDonald Series)

Mary Quattlebaum
Dawn Publications (2011)
ISBN 9781584691518

Reviewed by Madison (Age 5) and Hailey (Age 3) Schlarman and Mom for Reader Views (12/11)

Old MacDonald had a farm, this we know for sure!  However, Jo MacDonald lives on the farm and what does she have?  A pond!  With Jo MacDonald, young readers are introduced to the same classic tune of “Old MacDonald had a farm” with a new spin catered to young and curious minds.  With Jo, children learn about the wild creatures one can find at a pond on a farm.  The fish, frogs, ducks and a few fun surprises will delight your little reader and give mom and dad a break from Old MacDonald for a little while.

Hailey’s thoughts:

“I read it!  It’s about the Froggy’s and the pond.  It was great.  I have to read it again.  Jo saw a pond.  E-I-E-I-O.  She saw a frog.  Old MacDonald’s with a rib-it here and a rib-it there.  I like it.”

Madison’s thoughts:

Old MacDonald’s Jo saw the pond.  She saw deer, fish, frogs, raccoons, birds, fish, ducks and bugs.  Henry would like this book.  I can read it.  I like it.

Mom’s thoughts:

I enjoyed reading this book to my children.  While mindless for me to read, they absorbed it.  Madison is learning to read in school and loves to point out words she knows.  This book was easy for her to read.  She did a great job reading it on her own with little help from me.  Hailey was excited over the book.  She would get all giggly and excited to point out the animals as well as singing along!  We enjoyed the book and read it often.  It’s a great spin off the beloved children’s song “Old MacDonald had a farm” and introduces a new world of animals that can be found at the pond on a farm or in the wild.  I also enjoyed how Madison picked up on Jo being Old MacDonald’s daughter.  I would recommend “Jo MacDonald Saw a Pond” to others.


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