The New Kid on the Block

Jack Prelutsky
Greenwillow Books (2013)
ISBN 9780062239501

Reviewed by Zoey Crane (age 8) for Reader Views (4/11

The author presents several poems that help kids ages 6-10 relate to the world around them and have fun doing so.

Zoey: Well, first I have to be honest and say I do not like poetry too much at this time. I would rather ready mysteries or historical books.  When I first read this book I compared it to Dr. Seuss and that probably wasn’t right. After reading a couple of the poems I just didn’t like them. But my Nana made me read the book anyhow. I can see where they make you think and talk about what you are feeling, but I didn’t find them funny. I do think the author is good and he tries to make light (my Nana’s word) of thoughts we have as kids. But like I said I don’t like poetry too much. Just because I do not like poetry doesn’t mean that you won’t!

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