Splat the Cat Makes Dad Glad

Rob Scotton
HarperCollins (2014)
ISBN 9780062115973
Reviewed by Eliana Summers (age 3), Alyvia Summers (age 5) and Mom for Reader Views (7/14)

“Splat the Cat Makes Dad Glad” by Rob Scotton is a book with easy to read words for beginners, and a fun father and son story. Splat the cat was worried that his dad was upset for losing the big soccer game last night, so he comes up with an idea to cheer his dad up. Splat the cat decides to look in an old photo album of his dads to find out what makes him glad. Splat the cat comes up with the idea to sign him and his father up for Cat School Game Day to try and win the three-legged race. Splat practices for the big day, and when it arrives, just wait till you see all the things that happen.

Eliana and Alyvia thought the story line and characters were really funny. Alyvia as an early reader was able to sound out several of the words and read some full sentences as well, which she thought was really neat. The book was fast paced so it kept the girls interest, and with every turn of the page they could not wait to see what would happen next to Splat the Cat and his dad.

“Splat the Cat Makes Dad Glad” by Rob Scotton is a great book to add to your home school curriculum and for every day practice for early readers. 

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