Three Little Shrimp

J. Steven Spires
Inspired Books (2013)
ISBN: 9780985846916
Reviewed by Gabriel James (age 3) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (4/14)
“Three Little Shrimp” by J. Steven Spires is a cute book that tells the story of three shrimp that narrowly miss being eaten, multiple times, by various sea animals because of their ability to be oblivious to things around them as well as their huge appetites. Originally, before actually reading the book, I assumed the plot of the story was about teamwork and sticking together but as I read further into it, it seemed to be more about random luck. If the purpose of this story was to be funny by showing the shrimp as inattentive but extremely lucky the author hit the nail on the head.

When I choose a book to read to my son it usually has some kind of message from washing your hands to saying your prayers - we take something useful from every book we read. In “Three Little Shrimp,” I think my son is going to take away the lesson to pay attention. The one thing I loved most about the book is that the characters had accents; this is obvious from the spelling of the words. Living in the south all my life, it was fun to read to my son using the Louisiana accent I immediately knew these characters had. Another thing I loved about the book is the location. The author and the illustrator did a great job of capturing Louisiana in the characters of the book.

“Three Little Shrimp” is great for pre-kindergarten and elementary aged kids. It’s not difficult to follow for the little ones and the language is simple enough for early readers to read along. Gabriel loved this book, not to mention the bookmark that it comes with. The illustrations are so vivid and detailed that he can create his own story if he wanted to. While reading this book it became apparent to me, as a parent, that my son was truly engaged. He enjoyed seeing animals that aren’t as popular as the bears and lions we read about all the time, but that are more local and can be seen on the borders of his home state like Shrimp and Egrets.

“Three Little Shrimp” by J. Steven Spires is a humorous and cute little story that had my child hooked from the beginning. With its bright illustrations and funny storyline, I’m sure it will be one that is read over and over again.

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