A Pony for Christmas

Bev Pettersen
Westerhall (2014)
ISBN 9781987835007
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age7) for Reader Views (11/14)

 “A Pony for Christmas” by Bev Petersen is the story of Suzy, a 6 year old girl who really doesn’t want anything else from Santa but a pony. She is being good at school and trying her best to not tattle on the bullies from school, two boys, Peter and Jimmy, who will always get her after school on her walk home to her house.  Old Carl would always save her, he was a man that lived in a barn and always carried a black bag with the trash that he picked from the dumpsters. Suzy was getting ready for a pony for a long time and had everything she would need to take care of it.  Her mom always tried to make her change her gift from Santa but nothing would work. Suzy was very sure that this time Santa was bringing her a beautiful pony. 

 The last day at school before Christmas was here and Suzy was very happy. Her mom was cooking a big turkey, so big that you could repeat. She asked her mom if she could invite a friend since it was a big turkey and her mom agreed. That afternoon Suzy took the invitation to Carl and he was very surprised with the invitation. Suzy was very happy what more can she ask, sharing the big turkey and her pony with her friend Carl and her mom. The day was here and Suzy ran downstairs put her jacket on and open the door and looked for the pony but once again, Santa came but did not bring her what she asked. She was very sad and did not understand why it happened again. During the day Suzy helped her mom fix the table nicely so that Carl would be happy, also she was giving her one of her three presents to him to share. There was the knock on the door and she ran and opened the door holding her present for Carl.  She saw him holding a brown robe and was so surprised she could not believe it, her good friend had brought her the pony, and Santa delivered it to Carl so he could give it to her. It was the happiest day of their lives; they were all happy sharing and enjoying such a lovely day.

 I loved “A Pony for Christmas” by Bev Petersen, it is a very, very nice story that will teach you to be strong if you have been bullied, and that good friends like Carl will always be around. It will also teach you that sharing what you have with others will make you feel so happy to see how happy they will feel with your gift no matter how big or small. The best part is that Suzy got her pony.

I just loved this story.