Guess What is on Grandpa’s Farm?

Nancy O’Neill
CreateSpace (2012)
ISBN 9781475220735

Reviewed by Charlotte (age 4) and S.G. Smith for Reader Views (10/12)

Charlotte (as questioned by S.G. Smith):

What did you like about this book?  “It was fun!  I like animals!”
Why was it fun?  “All of the animals.”
Did you like the pictures?  “Yes.”
Why?  “Lots of kids did them.”  “Read it again!”

S.G. Smith (Charlotte’s mom):

This book was not only fun for Charlotte; it was fun for me to read to her!  Nancy O’Neill is a wiz at rhyming cadence involving animal descriptions.  Each page provides a short rhyme with enough clues for the child to guess which animal is being described.  As a reward, when the page is turned, a colorful drawing by a child depicts the animal described.  What makes the book so charming is not only the sing-song cadence of the rhymes, but the illustrations by children from around the world.  The artistic talent that O’Neill has accumulated in this short book is astounding.

“Guess What is on Grandpa’s Farm?” by Nancy O’Neill is a book that will not elicit the “Again?” sigh when your child says “Again!” at the end!


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