It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!

Laura Numeroff
HarperCollins (2012)
ISBN 9780694014293

Reviewed by Miles Cassells (age 2) and Mom for Reader Views (10/12)

“Mouse has seven pumpkins to decorate!” Each page in “It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!” by Laura Numeroff shows Mouse painting different faces. One pumpkin has a happy face, one with a sad face, silly face, surprised face, but one pumpkin comes up missing. Then, Mouse sees it! Dog painted a scary face on fifth pumpkin and scared Mouse! Together they painted friendly faces on the last two pumpkins and celebrated with all their painted pumpkin faces.

This story is such a great way to make pumpkins not have to be scary for the Halloween season. I am not sure that Miles is scared right now and we won’t know until he goes out for his trick or treat this year, but we will read this book again before we go to remind him if he sees anything scary that it’s just for pretend.

Miles enjoyed “It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!” by Laura Numeroff and counted each pumpkin as we went along in the pages. Since he counts to ten, it was the perfect number for him to reach seven and practice. And he knows Dog says “ruff” too. We are still working on the Mouse noise.

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