How Maji Gets Mongo Off the Couch!

Dr. J. Renae Norton
Robert D. Reed Publishers (2012)
ISBN 9781934759608

Reviewed by Max Aures (age 5.5) and Mom for Reader Views (3/12)

Max’s comments:

 “This book is about two dogs.  One is named Maji and one is named Mongo.  Maji likes to run around outside and play.  Mongo likes to sit on the couch and watch shows.

 Maji goes to Mongo’s house and asks him to play.  Mongo goes out to play and likes it.  That is good because going outside to play is good for you.

 My favorite part was when they built a fort with the big rectangle rocks.  That was a cool fort and they got really strong lifting all of those rocks and stacking them.  I think they got big muscles from that.  I liked the part when Maji was like a tornado running to all of the things in the playground too!

 I didn’t think it was a good idea when the dog jumped in front of the truck to save the turtle!  It is not good to jump in front of a truck.  He could have gotten run over!

 How Maji Gets Mongo Off the Couch!’ is a good book to tell kids to go outside and play.  Playing outside is fun.  It is bad to sit in front of a TV for a long time.  That is not very healthy to do that.  I think kids that do that should read this book so they can see how much fun you can have outside.”

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