Out of Bounds

Bob Moseley
Outskirts Press (2012)
ISBN 9781432792817

Reviewed by Arianna Violante (18) for Reader Views (2/13)

“Out of Bounds” by Bob Moseley is a teen, sports-based drama. The main plot revolves around a football player, Jason, who is out for the season due to an injury. However, Jason has picked up an interest in investigative journalism after watching the film “All of the President’s Men.” He joins the newspaper and does a good job with all of his stories. However, someone going by the name “Deep Throat” (like in “All of the President’s Men”) keeps leaving notes in Jason’s mailbox, insisting that there is a big problem with the football team. Jason begins to dig into the truth, and must make a choice between the team he so desperately wants to be a part of, and the truth. 

The author is successful in portraying the difficult choices a teenager must often face about problems that are bigger than themselves. Moseley engages the reader with a mystery and it is relatable for teens as they often must choose between their group and what is right. Moseley writes simply and directly, he does not go into excessive details or include irrelevant information. I felt that the writing was a bit dry at times, but then again the narrator is a male high-school sophomore whose main concern is solving the mystery of the football team and getting healed so that he can play next season. 

“Out of Bounds” by Bob Moseley is for teenagers, especially those interested in sports, possibly more for males. Some of the football and sports knowledge Moseley drops are a little uninteresting, but that’s because I am not extremely enthusiastic about sports. Coming from a high school that was obsessed with football, it gave me a different and new perspective on what some of the boys on the team were probably going through. My only recommendation is that the characters are not very deep or well-developed; however, there were some pleasant surprises and different sides of characters that are slowly revealed throughout the story. I recommend this book to high school students as it’s relevant to what they’re going through and the story is interesting and a page turner - I finished “Out of Bounds” in one day.

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