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Yvonne Moore
Jungle Wagon Press (2013)
ISBN 9780983409243

Reviewed by Zoey Crane (age 9) for Reader Views (6/13)

“Smemory” by Yvonne Moore is a wonderful, excellently illustrated book on how we keep our memories through smell and brain when we have lost something we hold dear to ourselves.


I loved this book and it was so easy to read.  The pictures on the pages looked like they had been done in watercolors. 

This is a story about a princess and a queen (a little girl and her mother) who would take walks in a beautiful garden what was filled with beautiful smells from the flowers. They would sniff each one and then make wreaths of the smell (flowers) for their heads. 

They loved their time in the garden, spent together, sharing and making memories. Then, one day the princess came to the garden alone and it was so different. She really tried hard to remember her wonderful times in the garden but couldn’t. Then she came on one smell (flower) sticking up through the cobblestones and sniffed it. Suddenly all her memories came back to the wonderful times she had coming here with her mother. This book made me cry; it was written during the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy. 

“Smemory” by Yvonne Moore helps us remember the good times and learn to deal with loss of people we love. I donated this book to my 3rd grade classroom so everyone could read it.

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