Suraj the Tiger Cub

Farida Mirza
CreateSpace (2012)
ISBN 9781460956830

Reviewed by Max Aures (age 6) and Mom for Reader Views (9/12)

There are three stories in this book, not just one.  All of the stories have Suraj in them.  He is a tiger cub.  Suraj’s name means ‘sun.’

The first story is called, “Not Afraid Anymore.”  In this one, Suraj is afraid to go out in the jungle.  He tried, but got very, very scared.  A parrot sang him a song that helped him.  He listened to what the parrot said and it helped him to be brave.  My favorite part of this story is when he helped the bunny who was in trouble.  

The second story is called “Making Friends.”  In this story Suraj is sad because he has no one to play with.  He sees bunnies playing and they are having fun.  The bunnies play hide and seek.  I like to play hide and seek too!  He tries to play but no one will play with him.  He thinks about the song the parrot sang again (in the other story) and that helps him again.  That is a good song to help him so many times.

The third story is “The Bully.”  Bullies aren’t nice.  They say mean things and are mean to people.  There is a mean tiger cub in this story.  It isn’t Suraj, it is a different one.  The bully tricks Suraj and makes him fall in a hole.  My favorite part was when the elephant rescued him.  

I like how Suraj was able to fix all of the problems that he had.  I liked the pictures in the book.  “Suraj the Tiger Cub” by Farida Mirza is a good book if you want to learn to not be afraid, how to make friends, and how to stop bullies.

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