Agabus & The Golden Spear

Greg Messina
CreateSpace (2013)
ISBN 9781490330716

Reviewed by Ciara Summers (age 6) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (7/13)

“Agabus & The Golden Spear” by Greg Messina takes readers on a journey with Agabus as he conquers his fear with the help from a friend from above.

As Ciara started reading “Agabus & the Golden Spear,” she was filled with many questions. She asked, “Mom is this book a boy’s dream or real?”  I told her it was a dream and she went on to ask if it was about God. I asked her what she thought and she said, “Yes, mom I think it is.” We continued reading as Agabus notices a storm coming and wants to hide under his bed, but instead hears a calming voice from above telling Agabus not to fear for he is here to protect him. The story then went on as Agabus finds a spear to throw at the two tornado’s approaching. Ciara mentioned that maybe instead of a spear it would be nicer for Agabus to yell out a special word that the voice from above gave him to say in order to chase the two mean tornados away. But then the author would have had to change the title to “Agabus &The Golden Word.”

“Agabus & the Golden Spear” by Greg Messina is a well-written children’s story and the authors ability to create a storyline with a spiritual message for children to understand was carried through nicely. The main idea allows children to explore their spiritual beliefs at a level they can understand. We would have liked to have the illustrations contain more detail to help the reader understand the story and keep their interest.  Ciara liked the story and will be taking it to Sunday school to share with her friends


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