How Many Jelly Beans?

Andrea Menotti
Chronicle Books (2012)
ISBN 9781452102061

Reviewed by Miles Cassells (age 2) and Mom for Reader Views (6/12)

Oh how I love this book!!!!  It’s HUGE I tell ya!  This kid went crazy just seeing the book.  I had to guard it from being ripped apart from excitement.  Seriously, this kid loved “How Many Jelly Beans?” by Andrea Menotti!!   I did too. 

Page after page it counts up and shows the number of jelly beans.  The kids, Emma and Aiden, are going back and forth for the most jelly beans -- starting with ten, then twenty, twenty-five all the way up to a million.  Then the pages fold out to this huge poster with a million jelly beans. 

Miles went crazy screaming when I started unfolding those pages.  GREAT book!!!  We loved it!!!  I will be putting “How Many Jelly Beans?” by Andrea Menotti on my gift list to buy for Miles’ toddler friends. 


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