Dying to Go Viral

Sylvia McNicoll
Fitzhenry & Whiteside (2013)
ISBN 9781554552719

Reviewed by Elizabeth Mallak (age 15) for Reader Views (10/13)

I decided to try something a little new for my first review. Instead of the normal vampire-filled, action-packed, paranormal romance I often find myself engaged in, I read a book I would have normally skimmed over and left out. Left dead after a stunt, Jade gets a second chance to redo a week of her life, and make her death worth it. She knows in the end she’ll die, after all she can’t avoid fate. It was unique, and mysterious. Truly one of a kind, different than anything I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Full of emotion, love, and warmth, “Dying to Go Viral” by Sylvia McNicoll not only captured this reader’s attention but captured her heart as well.

Would Jade mend the weak bond between father and son? Would she ever get to kiss her crush? Would her dad remain alone or would Jade finally find someone else for him to spend his life with? With so much going on there wasn’t a single boring part, and yet it wasn’t overwhelming, instead it was well-paced, and interesting. I couldn’t put it down!

“Dying to Go Viral” was a tear jerker, as hard as that is to admit for me. In the end if a book makes you cry, you know it was a great book. No matter what you write about the book must capture the readers’ attention, and if you cry you know the author exceeded those expectations. Sylvia McNicoll had no troubles making her readers feel as if they, themselves, were reliving a memory. The detail was great and made me feel as if I, too, were watching the sunset or feeling the suspense of the moment.

The ending was my favorite part, though I found tears rolling down my cheeks I can’t dismiss how well this book was written. I found it unpredictable; there were many different outcomes the ending could have taken, would she die, or would someone else take her place? And though the last page left me in tears I wouldn’t have changed it. After all what’s the good in reading a book if you can predict the ending? I’d rather be left crying then stone-faced, having predicted the ending within a few pages of the book. 

Sylvia McNicoll expanded my horizons with this one-of-a-kind, awe-inspiring, dramatic book, “Dying to Go Viral.” With a captivating, interesting, and saddening plot Sylvia made this book well worth my time; it’s definitely worth the time of day to read. It has all the great qualities of a good book, including family. 

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