The Lost Crew: Sequel to The Pirate Bride

Ryan McKinley
Outskirts Press (2012)
ISBN 9781432796594

Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 11.5) for Reader Views (2/13)

In “The Lost Crew” by Ryan McKinley, a day before leaving Rachel and her family’s fun family vacation, she was taken back in time while wiping out on her surfboard. On her adventure, she discovers pirates and ships; she becomes “The Pirate Bride” where she was taken back to 2010. When Rachel came back out of the water, she was wearing very old pirate clothes.  A boy she had met on her vacation, William, was wondering how she had done it.

William says that Rachel was only in the water for three minutes, but to Rachel it was about three days. William wants answers and so does Rachel. She takes her brother to the library with her, but the librarian was closing it up for lunch, and said it would be opened later. Rachel and her brother walked around. Rachel saw William, and asked him for help. A book she wanted to see was in the Special Collection, that only residents on the island could look at, so she needed William to check it out for her. William agrees to help, but still wants answers. They all walk back to the library, and it says it’s closed and will be open the next day. Rachel was furious at the librarian. Later on, they all found a way to sneak into the library and get the book, but Rachel didn't find anything leading to what happened to her under the ocean. William got mad when Rachel still didn’t give him the answers to what happened, so Rachel coughed it up. William looked at her with a strange look, not sure whether to believe her or not. Later on, many things happen that Rachel, William, and Rachel’s family are confused about. 

“The Lost Crew” by Ryan McKinley holds many twists and turns, so make sure to pay attention! This is a fun book to read and has some fun illustrations. This is actually a sequel to another of McKinley’s books, “The Pirate Bride.” I did not read the first book before reading “The Lost Crew,” but I suggest you should.  It might be a little easier to read with reading the first book before the sequel. Overall, “The Lost Crew” was pretty good and it has a good plot that doesn’t get lost in other stories. 

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