Eon’s Door

J. G. McKenney
J. G. McKenney (2011)
ISBN 9780987682314
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 14) for Reader Views (12/11)

“Eon’s Door” by J. G. McKenney is a moderately-paced fantasy adventure book which takes place in the mystical world of Erla.  When the three clans fled the human world, they fled through a portal hidden in a great oak tree.  The key was a piece of driftwood with immense power.  When the clans passed through the portal into Erla, the key was locked away - until now.  The traitorous sage Shorran stole the key from its hiding place and murdered Miann’s mother.  The only hope for Erla is to regain the key and close the portal.  To do this Miann must return to the human world and return with “the child of doubt,” the prophesied child who will save Erla.  Will Miann be able to find the so called “child of doubt” and return safely to Erla?

The book is full of Miann’s risky and fantastical adventures with the giant eagles, the Chrysos, and the mysterious giant wolves, the Nuruth.  Miann faced physical challenges including ascending the giant Tower rock, and the evil Shorran threw obstacles in his path at every opportunity.  Although the reader knows that the journey will not be a safe one, there really is not much suspense.  Will the travelers reach their destination safely?  
This book could be slow at times, but was an interesting book overall.  The plot was kind of lacking when it came to the villain, and I couldn’t fully appreciate him as an enemy to be feared.  Some of the characters weren’t totally believable and kind of came out of nowhere.  The monsters were really cool but it would have been nice to know a little more about them.  There were a lot of characters and it was hard to keep track of them all.    
I would recommend “Eon’s Door” to people who like adventure stories.  The first part of the book is hard to get through, but gains pace later.  The book did have an interesting story and was and an altogether pleasant read.

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