The Muses: Escaping Montague Manor

N.L. McEvoy
N.L. McEvoy (2014)
ISBN 9780615951447
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 13) for Reader Views (4/2014)

“The Muses: Escaping Montague Manor” by N.L. McEvoy is about ten-year-old Sarah and her older brother Nickolas, as they try to escape their great-aunt’s manor. Sarah and Nickolas both grew up on a ranch, but when their parents were involved in a serious car crash they were sent to their Great-Aunt Vivian, of whom they had never heard. Vivian as it turned out was a very wealthy and well regarded scientist with a gigantic, if somewhat unusual, manor. As Sarah and Nickolas explored the manor and learned more about their aunt, it became apparent that all was not as it seemed. When they later accidently brought a statue of muse back to life and were told more about their Aunt’s secrets they became suspicious, but when they found a boy who was chained to a wall in the stable attic they were terrified and began to plot their escape with the twelve statues of muses. As they learned even more, they realized that the boy chained in the stable attic was just one of their Aunt Vivian’s experiments, and that they were next in line.

Each of the characters in this book was very distinct which made it easy to keep track of all of them. My favorite character was Nickolas who was curious to a fault, but always seemed to be able to get himself out of a tight spot with the aid of his sister.

I would recommend “The Muses: Escaping Montague Manor” by N.L. McEvoy to people who like fiction, magic, and adventure. This was a very suspenseful book, and I never knew what would happen next. Whenever I see an author’s first book I do not know what to expect, but this author did a fantastic job, making it almost a crime not to write more. I will definitely be looking for more books by this author.

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