Molly’s Organic Farm

Carol L Malnor, Trina L Hunner
Dawn Publications (2012)
ISBN 9781584691679

Reviewed by Madison (age 6) and Mom for Reader Views (5/12)

“Molly’s Organic Farm” by Carol L. Malnor and Trina L. Hunner is the story of when a homeless cat finds her way onto the farm and the world becomes an interesting and exciting place.  Though she is a little skittish at first, she soon finds herself comfortable and welcome.  When the farmers discover her, they welcome her to the farm, give her a job and even name her Molly!  Molly fills her days with lots of interesting activities while learning about life on the farm.  In the end the biggest surprise comes with warmth, love and security.  Molly has found a home.

Madison’s Words:

“The poor kitty-cat, she has nowhere to sleep and no food to eat.  She needs a family.  If I were her family I would feed her and let her sleep with me, but we can’t because your allergic, right mom?  Molly is a cute orange cat.  She peeks at the people but runs away because she is scared.  They have big brown boots.  She discovers green plants, and stinky fertilizer made of cow poo!  Eww, that’s gross.  She sees bees, I don’t like them and lady bugs, I love them, and they are so cute.  The sunflowers are beautiful.  Molly takes a nap under them.  She plays in the corn.  I don’t like corn; then she yawns and stretches like I do when I wake up.  The sprinkler makes her wet when it turns on and she runs away.  It’s funny.  When the farmer’s wife sells the food, Molly sits in the truck and watches the happy people buy stuff.  She loves the pumpkins and kids.  She is afraid of the owls that come out at night.  Why do they come out at night?  Poor kitty, they should let her inside.  When it snows the farmer brings her in the house because it is too cold.  I like the cat.  The book has seasons in it.  I like summer.”

Mom’s Thoughts:

The girls and I really enjoyed this book.  They love cats, but unfortunately my daughter’s words are true, I am allergic.  So the only cats in our house are in literature and movies which encourages the girls to read about them and enjoy them without mommy taking a trip to the hospital.  This book is 32 pages long and has lots of educational value but also took a few reads before I was able to get a good re-cap of the story.  If you have a child who won’t sit still for a book, this one is probably a little long, but if you have a reader who soaks up every word, the book is well written and flows smoothly and quickly for mom or dad.  You won’t cringe at the length of the book when your child requests to read it.  The pictures are fitting to the setting and depiction of farm life.  While a large majority of the book is green, the illustrator adds splashes of bright and vivid color to bring the pages to life.  If you are looking for a fun, educational read about life on the farm, “Molly’s Organic Farm” by Carol L. Malnor and Trina L. Hunner is a great option.


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