Eh? to Zed: A Canadian ABeCedarium 

Kevin Major
Red Deer Press (2003)
ISBN 9780889952720

Reviewed by Eli Lugo (age 5) and Mom for Reader Views (11/11)

Eli’s Comments:

I didn’t know a lot about Canada before I read this book with my mom.  I learned everything about it, like all the animals that live there and what the people like to do.  Many people in Canada made things to help the world.  Some of them also speak French. I liked the drawings because they helped me understand some of the words I didn’t know.  I never saw those words before but my mom said that’s because they are special names of places and people.  Now I am excited to visit Canada one day.

Mom’s Comments:

As someone whose ancestry is French-Canadian, I enjoyed “Eh? to Zed” immensely.  I was able to use the vocabulary and illustrations to show my son a part of his heritage.  His eyes lit up when I told him his great grandfather was a lumberjack just like the one shown in the book.  Not only was it a nice trip down memory lane but I also learned about some historic Canadian events and people that weren’t mentioned during my Canadian Studies program in college.

Each page is rich with colorful representations of the words presented (four words per page)  The back of the book has a few pages titled “The Choice of Words, The Choice of Images” which further explain each of the words presented in the book and how they relate to Canada’s history; both of its indigenous people and later settlers.  “Eh? to Zed: A Canadian ABeCedarium” would be an excellent choice for homeschooling families (like ours) who are looking for a simple book that presents opportunities to expand on what was presented.  There are endless lessons that can emerge from using this book as a springboard: from making Poutine to celebrating St. John Baptiste Day in June. However, there’s no mention of the McKenzie Brothers and their show “The Great White North” from the days of SCTV.


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