Butterscotch & Me

Cari Lyn
Lapis Moon Publishing (2012)
ISBN 9781937576004

Reviewed by Miles Cassell (age 2) and Mom for Reader Views (9/12)

What a sweet story about a child and her horse in “Butterscotch & Me” by Cari Lyn. Butterscotch is a stuffed animal and after the child goes to sleep, in her dreams, she and Butterscotch set off to explore the night sky and the stars -- sometimes they just lay in the clouds.

This book is so precious and a perfect bedtime story. It’s encouraging for the kids to get to sleep to explore where their dreams will take them. How fun! The illustrations are just beautiful and dreamy. I really like this book and Miles really likes Butterscotch.

“Butterscotch & Me” by Cari Lyn will go on my list to purchase for Miles’ friends as gifts.

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