Yeti, Turn Out the Light!

Greg Long & Chris Edmundson
Chronicle Books (2013)
ISBN 9781452111582

Reviewed by Dee Smith and toddler grandson for Reader Views (12/13)

“Yeti, Turn Out the Light!” by Greg Long and Chris Edmundson is a delightful book about what can happen with young kids’ imaginations about potential frightening things in the room after the lights are turned out only to find that when lights are turned on the things they thought were scary were really other things not scary at all. I think most children at one time or another have seen scary shadows on the wall after the lights get turned out only to find the scary shadow is only a coat tree or a toy in the room or something of that nature. The author is very creative in this book to actually use animals in a forest where the Yeti lives instead of just a normal boy or girl in their room imagining the same things which makes the book all the more fun. I really liked the illustrations as well…very cute.

All in all very fitting to read to a child who already has issues with scary imaginations after the lights go out at bedtime or a child who is afraid of the dark; however, I don’t think I would read this book to a child who currently does not have any of these type issues for fear of potential issues after reading the book.

“Yeti, Turn Out the Light!" by Greg Long and Chris Edmundson is a fun and cute book for the little ones afraid of the dark!


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