J.W. Lolite
CreateSpace (2014)
ISBN  9781500981877
Reviewed by Arianna Violante for Reader Views (2/15)

I was a little hesitant to pick up “Heliocentric” by J.W. Lolite because I did not read the first book. However I always like to challenge myself, and just reading the first chapter, I realized that the author did make it a little easier by putting readers up to date from the beginning. The story begins by introducing the reader to Ingrid Fairheit, a teenager who recounts the events of two months earlier, when the world changed. Ingrid is a young female who seems to have played a role in whatever took place in the first book’s big event. She explains how she was targeted by a human/alien mixed breed, and how her father was one of them.   Her mother was what she called a Lockkeeper, who her father searched for, along with keystones, when he risked the entire world by crossing realms. Ingrid is on her way to school where she also trains to fight the Ankida (human/alien hybrids) and protect the Gatekeeper, also known as the Guardian, and keep the keystones away from them and the Lady.

I really enjoyed this second book, and although I might go back to read the first one, I didn’t really need to have read it to follow the plot. Lolite did an awesome job developing the characters. I loved Ingrid’s personality, and kind of identified with her sarcasm. The dialogues felt genuine giving a deeper description of each character. I really liked that I could picture them in my mind not just physically but also, their posture and mannerism. Developing characters is definitely Lolite’s mastered skill in writing! Although he also mastered all other aspects of writing, I just really enjoyed the dialogues. The plot kept me hooked to the pages from beginning to end. But it was not the only thing that kept me reading. I was also captivated by how the characters interacted with each other as they all tried to figure out their relationships, like young people forced to grow up have to.

My only complaint was a few editing issues that, although I noticed them, they didn’t really affect my opinion of the book, but as a reviewer I need to mention.  I think actually that some letters or words kind of cut off during the editing process.

Overall, “Heliocentric” by J.W. Lolite is an awesome sci-fi that will appeal to teens, young adults, and I bet older people will also enjoy. Definitely a 4.5 star read in my book!

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