Diggers Go

Steve Light
Chronicle Books (2013)
ISBN 9781452118642

Reviewed by Dee Smith and toddler grandson for Reader Views (12/13)

“Diggers Go” by Steve Light was not a book I liked. I was so excited when I first saw the title as my 2-year- old grandson loves books about construction vehicles; however, this book lacks substance.  Page after page of nothing but the author’s made up sounds for each piece of equipment of which I had a hard time even being able to pronounce some of them. I also did not like having to turn the book from portrait for some pages then landscape for others. This proved to be very awkward while reading with a child in my lap. The illustrations I found a bit lacking as well. While each piece of equipment was defined verbally, the illustrations were not executed very well. While this book was certainly geared for very young children given the content and format, it lacked a compelling flow that kept the child's interest. On a more positive note, I did like the thick, chunky, slick pages of “Diggers Go” by Steve Light, which are not only easy for a child to turn the pages but can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth as we found out with my 2-year-old grandson with sticky fingers. 


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