Adam’s Crayons

Niki Leopold
Galileo Press (2012)
ISBN 9780981751917

Reviewed by Zoey Crane (age 8) for Reader Views (7/12)

In “Adam’s Crayons” by Niki Leopold, Adam loved going to visit his grandfather at Loon Lake. It was so peaceful and full of wonderful animals. One day an artist was at the lake drawing pictures of all the wonderful animals and as he completed each drawing, the animals began to disappear. He was so upset he dropped his drawings and ran away. The next day Adam and his grandfather went to the lake to fish and there was no wildlife; they were all gone. Adam found the artist’s book and began to color the pages in and guess what happened?


I loved “Adam’s Crayons” by Niki Leopold. I could never imagine if you drew an animal it would disappear. I love to draw animals and I wonder now if they would disappear too. This book was easy to read and I loved the pictures. Adam does the same things I like to do with my Papa. The pictures look like watercolors which we learned how to do in art class. The drawings of the animals were amazing!

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