Red Nectar

Heather Leigh
Lulu Publishing (2013)
ISBN 9781300688600

Reviewed by Elizabeth Mallak (15) for Reader Views (9/13)

“Red Nectar” by Heather Leigh is an imaginative book about a government, different from our own, called the NOW (Now One World), and a girl with a special talent for reading people.  Left parentless after her mother died, Emily has to struggle through challenges thrown at her left and right, from being chased by a mystery man, and, not to forget the NOW, to being introduced to a whole other world called the NET. New Energy Technology tells Emily that her grandmother, the woman Emily was supposed to live with now, had been arrested by the NOW, and now Emily has a grandmother to save, a government to avoid, a secret to hide, and feelings to sort out. Full of detail and suspense, I found it hard to put it down!

This book was unique, and full of interesting twists. I love the way Heather Leigh wrote the book, making it simple for a reader to decipher the difference between Emily’s own thoughts, and the thoughts of others. It didn’t mix or clash with the dialogue. Also, the descriptive detail was great, not too much and not too little. With each turn of the page there was more to draw you in, and not once did I find myself bored.

Even with a great plot and idea, it’s the author’s job to carry out the plot and setting of the book so that it’s not rushed and a jumbled mess of words, and Leigh did a great job with this. I found “Red Nectar” easy to read, despite all the twists and interesting pieces added to the book. The book doesn’t have to be extremely detailed, or superficially long, it just has to be well thought out, easy for a reader to follow along, well-paced, and attention grasping.  Heather Leigh’s “Red Nectar” is a perfect example of all these characteristics I look for in a book. 

I would recommend “Red Nectar” by Heather Leigh to anyone who’s looking for something a little new, and different from the other books you’ve read. I found myself enjoying this book more and more as I got farther into it, and I feel you will too. Heather Leigh, you did a great job!


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