Tarleton’s Spy

David Slaughter
Tate Publishing (2014)
ISBN 9781630639051
Reviewed by Marten Weldon (age 9) for Reader Views (10/14)

“Tarleton’s Spy” by David Slaughter is about Jimmy, a sixteen-year-old boy, who left England and came to America during the American Revolution to work as an errand boy for the British General, Banastre Tarleton (who was not a very nice guy!) When Jimmy was working in the British camp, he talked to a fourteen-year-old imprisoned American patriot named Ben who told Jimmy why the war was being fought.  

Jimmy was an interesting character.  For being only sixteen years old, he was very independent, willing to set off for America all by himself.  He was very loyal to England but was also very curious to understand why the outnumbered and out-powered Americans felt so strongly about independence.  He was dedicated to his job as an errand boy, but I don’t think people who are sixteen years old should be seeing people die in front of them (but things were different back then).

“Tarleton’s Spy” by David Slaughter was a very good book, and I would recommend it to most of my friends.  I think that people who are interested in history and the American Revolution would especially like this book.  The book had adventure and suspense, and I learned something about history.  This book has a few surprises.  Read it to find out!

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