Pinkalicious: Pinkie Promise (I Can Read! Book 1)

Victoria Kann
HarperCollins 2011
ISBN 9780061928871

Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 5) and Mom for Reader Views (9/11)

When Pinkalicious borrows her friend Alison’s paint, Alison’s only request is that Pinkalicious does not use all the pink.  However, Pinkalicious gets lost in her art and ends up using all the pink, red and white paint!  Alison is very upset with Pinkalicious.  When Pinkalicious is all alone at lunch, she has time to think about what she did to Alison.  Feeling bad for her actions, Pinkalicious heads inside to make Alison an “I’m sorry” card.  After her apology, Pinkalicious invites Alison over and surprises her with a few friendly treats.  From then on, the girl’s pinkie promise to be the best of friends and never use all of the others paint!

Madison’s Thoughts:

“Pinkalicious promised not to use all the pink paint, but guess what?  She used all the paint! Alison came over to get her paint and said ‘Hey, you used all my pink paint!’ Pinkalicious was sad.  She didn’t mean to use it all.  She sat by herself at lunch time.  Then Pinkalicious drew a card for Alison.  Alison was happy.  Pinkalicious invited her over and gave her a new bottle of paint!  Then they went to get ice cream, pink ice cream!  Pinkalicious and Alison make a pinkie promise to never use all the pink paint again!  I like it!  I like that they make a pinkie promise.  I learned not to use all of other peoples paint.”

Mom’s Thoughts:

Victoria Kann’s “Pinkalicious” books are simply fantastic.  Girlie, loveable and pink, my daughters enjoy each and every one!  I love the illustrations and lessons that each book puts forth.  This one teaches children to be considerate of other people’s property when borrowing things.  My girls learned that you never use all of someone else’s property when borrowing and that you should replace what you do use.  We were able to talk about what it is to be a friend and why sharing is important.  I also was able to discuss the responsibility involved with sharing and borrowing items from others.  Overall, it was a great addition to the “Pinkalicious” series.  It was everything I expected.  I would recommend “Pinkalicious: Pinkie Promise,” especially for children 4-7 years of age.


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