RuneWarriors: Ship of the Dead (RuneWarriors Series #3)

James Jennewein & Tom S. Parker 
HarperCollins (2010)
ISBN 9780061449420

Reviewed by Sophia McElroy (age 10) for Reader Views (10/13)

“RuneWarriors: Ship of the Dead” by James Jennewein and Tom S. Parker is about the Rune Warriors -- Dane, Drott, Fulnir, Lut, and William. They are on a quest to save Dane’s love Astrid the Valkyrie. Astrid works for the god Odin. But to save her, they needed to get to the ship of the dead. A lot of times, they ran into the cruel, the evil, Thidrek The Terrifying. He is an undead, what they call a draurg. Thidrek’s slave Grelf, had been told to trick The Rune Warriors that he would help them find the Ship of the Dead. But then the Rune Warriors were in trouble! They ran into Thidrek the Terrifying! Good thing an elf had made the Blade of Oblivion, it is used to kill draurgs. But, Thidrek took the Blade from Dane! What will the Rune Warriors do? Will they survive? Find out when you read this amazing, funny, romantic book.

My favorite character is Dane The Defiant. The reason I like him the best is because he was very brave to go save Astrid. My least favorite character is Thidrek. I don’t like him because he is gross and cruel; they say that beetles crawl up his nose! Blergh! My favorite part of the book was when Grelf tricked the Rune Warriors; I like that part because that was a smart plan. My least favorite part in the book was when Thidrek took the Blade of Oblivion. I don't like that part because that was very rude! You should really read this book!  “RuneWarriors: Ship of the Dead” by James Jennewein and Tom S. Parker is a great book for boys and girls for ages 10+.

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