Just Say BOO!

Susan Hood
HarperCollins (2012)
ISBN 9780062010292

Reviewed by Miles Cassells (age 2) and Mom for Reader Views (10/12)

Miles loved to dress up last year and trick or treat. He was really excited about it. Although last year he didn’t know that he was racking up on candy, I know this year he knows exactly what is going into this pumpkin basket for sure. I am getting him excited about the Halloween season in hopes that this year he won’t be scared as we venture out.  “Just Say BOO!” by Susan Hood will help prepare him.

We liked how the kids are all dressed up. As they walk down the sidewalk they see ghosts in the trees! They are scared! “What do you say” “BOO!” Everything doesn’t have to be scary because its dress-up time and it’s all just for fun. Miles loves the “kids” in particular. He repeats “KIDS!” over and over as we read the cute rhymes on each page.

The things are hidden in the shadows and when they are revealed it’s not-so-scary after all. It’s just a dog or branches of a tree that your imagination pretends to be hands coming for you. Just yell BOO, and it’s not scary anymore!

Don’t forget to say “Trick or Treat!” and “Thank You” for your treats at each house. What a great reminder that manners are just as important as having pretend scary fun!

I love “Just Say BOO!” by Susan Hood. I will make sure that Miles and I read this before we go out for our adventure this year and many years to come! I love the moral of the story and sharing that it doesn’t have to be all scary.

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