Never Say Die

Will Hobbs
Harper Collins (2013)
ISBN 9780061708787

Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 11) for Reader Views (6/13)

“Never Say Die” by Will Hobbs is about 15-year-old Nick Thrasher, an Inuit hunter. After taking down a caribou, he is attacked by a half grizzly half polar bear. The meat is stolen but amazingly he survives and comes home to his cancer-stricken uncle empty handed. At home with his mom (his dad is dead), he gets an e-mail from his half-brother Ryan who is in his late 20’s, who invites him to go on his photography trip for National Geographic magazine down the Firth River. After some time and urging from his uncle who had once been there and called it a hunter’s paradise, he decides to go. Once on the river though catastrophe strikes when they run into a sheet of ice and get trapped beneath it.  Nick and Ryan somehow get out and half frozen, they realize that the raft is gone with all their gear. Nick and Ryan never know if the next bend in the river may be their last, and the entire time they are being stalked by the half grizzly half polar bear (now known as the Grolar bear).

 I would recommend this book to people who like adventure and survival. It had nail- biting suspense. I just could not put this book down until I had read it all. I could easily relate to the characters and the life or death world they had now entered. My favorite character is Nick and the way he handled the place he was now in and that he had the determination to do whatever it took to get back to his uncle to tell him that he had seen his hunters’ paradise.  

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