Little Isaac’s Big Adventure

Tracy Schuldt Helixon
Guardian Angel Publishing (2012)
ISBN 9781616333218

Reviewed by Miles Cassells (age 2.5) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (1/13)

My first praise for “Little Isaac’s Big Adventure” by Tracy Schuldt Helixon is the wonderful artwork by Jack Foster! WOW, each page was exciting to read and Miles couldn’t wait to get to the next to see what was going to happen!

“Belieeeve” rustles the leaves. Little Isaac is just too little to play baseball with his brother Jack and too little to ride the spaceship ride at the fair. He is just too little and it’s getting him down. Wondering when he would get big, he got a push on the swing from Dad. “Belieeeve” whispered the wind.

Dad gives Isaac another big push on the swing and Isaac lands right on a cloud. The cloud begins to take him on a ride, helping him to be able to do things he never thought he could do being so little.

When Isaac brings back his brother’s balloon he found in the sky, Jack wanted to go too! But Dad didn’t think that it would be possible to do that again because it takes a big push and a little guy!

What an amazing story to help children realize that they can do anything they want. They just have to wait until the right time. While they are small they can do things that bigger people cannot do.

Miles really enjoyed the story. He was mostly excited to see the clouds and the animals made out of the clouds through the story. “Little Isaac’s Big Adventure” by Tracy Schuldt Helixon is one of those books I will buy for others as gifts for birthdays and such! Totally awesome book!!! We love it!

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