The Beaded Kingdom

Renée Heiss
Character Publishing (2014)
ISBN 9780989079716
Reviewed by Arianna Violante (20 years old) for Reader Views (03/15)

“The Beaded Kingdom” by Renée Heiss provides an easy to follow guide for people like myself, who need someone to hold their hand through life. It begins by explaining how your thoughts control your life. Through illustrations and examples it creates a visual for the reader on how having positive thoughts gets you positive results in conquering your goals, and how negative thoughts makes you fail. It continues to let the reader know what the book will do for them and what it won’t do for them. I found this interesting, because most times I have read self-help books for young people, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect and actually was expecting a step by step manual to get what I want. Of course, I was disappointed every time because there is no such thing. So I was very happy that Heiss cleared that up for the reader right at the beginning. It also tells the reader that you are in control of your own thoughts, so you can chose to have positive thoughts instead of negative ones. Then through pictures, examples, and even exercises, this book teaches you how to change for the better from the inside out.

I liked how Heiss calls your mind a kingdom and its center a castle where positive thoughts can work for you, and negative thoughts are bad workers who just lounge around. It made it easy for me to understand the differences about focusing on my goals or just being all over the place with my thoughts and wishes. Heiss’ writing style is very simple and direct, and by complementing the writing with illustrations the book became alive and colorful.  I think this format is perfect for people with a short attention span, like me, and found it perfect to come back to certain areas for reinforcement.

verall, I found “The Beaded Kingdom” by Renée Heiss to be the perfect guide for teens and young adults to break through and get motivated to pursue their life with focus and confidence. I definitely will recommend to my friends!