amazing, Grace

Roberta Gore 
eLectio Publishing (2015)
ISBN: 9781632130853
Reviewed by Arianna Violante (age 20) for Reader Views (05/15) 

“amazing, Grace” by Roberta Gore is the story of Grace, a girl with an unusual gift.  At fourteen years old, Grace knows that her childhood friend, eleven year old Noah, has been kidnapped and is in mortal danger. The kidnapper, Jason, has everyone fooled into thinking that he is an upstanding person, but thanks to Clementine's kiss and Grace's special gifts, she can see through that farce. Grace becomes determined to rescue Noah and to reveal the true colors of Jason.  

 The first chapter of "amazing, Grace" opens with the perspective of a young girl name Grace playing in the park on 9/11. Grace is about five years old at the start of the novel, and I was immediately drawn into the plot. Gore is a genius when using the different voices and narratives of characters, reflecting the characters ages and mindset in the tone of the writing. Gore also uses context clues for the reader to figure out who is talking and what is going on. The description of the supernatural world that only Grace can see is mind blowing and once you put the pieces together, you appreciate the literary techniques and story even more. Along with Grace, the novel is narrated by her guardian angel, Clementine, who is a novice when it comes to guarding her human, and made the fatal mistake of kissing a young new born Grace on her head. While the act was sweet and happened due to an overpowering love that this young angel felt for her first human, Grace can now see the supernatural world that is hidden to the naked eye. Grace also has a heightened sense of intuition, and can actually see and interact with both angels and demons. 

I personally love a good supernatural story, and Gore has such an amazing imagination that I found myself entranced by the mythologies and supernatural beings that she has created. Suspenseful, thrilling, touching, emotional, and at times scary, "amazing, Grace" by Roberta Gore is a thought provoking novel of the nature between good and evil, and an absolutely fantastic supernatural story.  I highly recommend this book to both young adult and adult readers.

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