Hide and Seek

Taro Gomi
Chronicle Books; Brdbk edition (2013)
ISBN: 9781452108407

Reviewed by Serenity Summers (age 10 months) Eliana Summers (age 3) and Mom for Reader View Kids (12/13)

“Hide and Seek” by Taro Gomi is a cute little board book for kids from birth to preschool with different objects that the child finds in each picture. The colors in the book caught Serenity’s attention and the book was very easy for little hands to hold. Eliana wanted to search the next page even before I read what to find in the picture. My kids really enjoyed the way the author hides the items in the pictures. And found some of the pictures to be super silly.

I liked how “Hide and Seek” was written for preschoolers with the words being easy to sound out and how the pages had short sentences that did not make the child feel overwhelmed with too many words. The items were placed in the picture with a lot of creativity. We even used the pictures as a chance for Eliana to practice her counting. 

We were very pleased with “Hide and Seek” by Taro Gomi and would recommend this book for anyone looking for a first book for their child.

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