Good People Everywhere

Lynea Gillen
Three Pebble Press (2012)
ISBN 9780979928987

Reviewed by Charlotte (age 4) and S.G. Smith for Reader Views (10/12)

Charlotte (as questioned by S.G. Smith):

What did you like about this book (“Good People Everywhere” by Lynea Gillen)?  “The pictures are nice.”
What is nice about the pictures?  “I like the colors.”
What did you learn about the people in the book?  “They like to help.”
Why do you think the people like to help?  “Because it makes them happy.”
What would you do if you saw that your friend needed help?  “I would help them.”

S.G. Smith (Charlotte’s mom):

Lynea Gillen has written a book which helps open the door for conversing with children about what it means to help others.  In very few words, she addresses numerous situations which provide teaching opportunities for parents and teachers to aid children in understanding what it means to help.  The situations Gillen uses in her book range from repairing homes damaged by storms to helping a friend who has fallen to growing and delivering food.  Not only does each situation provide a “help” learning opportunity, many also provide a “life” learning opportunity.  There are so many ways that a child can help, and Gillen tries to help children see many of those ways.

At the end of “Good People Everywhere,” author Lynea Gillen supplies “good people” activities to participate in with your child(ren).  These activities provide a fantastic opportunity for children to identify and discuss the good people in their lives.


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