That Pup!

Lindsay Barrett George
Greenwillow Books (2011)
ISBN 9780062004130
Reviewed by Max Aures (age 4.5) for Reader Views (7/11)

“That Pup!” is the story about a puppy that discovers lots of acorns hidden all about.  A squirrel is watching her unearth all of them and is quite distressed.


“That puppy in the book found acorns everywhere.  Some of them she had to dig for but some were really easy to find.  The squirrel had hidden those acorns for winter.  Some of them the squirrel didn’t do a very good job hiding though.  One was just on a stump.  That was easy to find.  My favorite part was finding the squirrel that was hiding and watching the puppy.”

Parent’s comments:

“That Pup!” is a playful book that my son enjoyed.  He loved to see where the puppy was going to find the next acorn and enjoyed the search for the squirrel that was on every page! 

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