The Adventures of Keeno and Ernest “The Banana Tree”

Maggie van Galen
Outskirts Press (2011) 
ISBN: 9781432779825

Reviewed by Katarina Askew for Reader Views (12/13)

Maggie van Galen’s main point in “The Adventures of Keeno and Ernest” is to follow your parent’s instructions. The reason for this is because they keep you safe and they always know what is best. I think Maggie van Galen did a great job carrying out the purpose of this story because it showed me it’s important to follow your parents’ instructions.

I think Maggie van Galen writes amazingly because I have never read a book this great. The book is for kids around the second and third grade levels because it’s easy for them to read and understand. I have a sister in second grade and I know that she could read this book too. This relates to me because sometimes I forget to listen to my mom and dad. One of the times I didn’t listen was when I was really mad at my sister and I yelled at her when I wasn’t supposed to. I got in trouble for yelling and if I had just done what I was supposed to in the first place I would not have gotten in trouble. 

I don’t really have any recommendations for this book because I think it’s wonderful the way it is. I usually think all the books I read are great but I think this one is especially great. My favorite part was when the monkey, Keeno, tried to go across the river. His friends ended up having to save him or he would have gone down a waterfall. I would love to read other books by Maggie van Galen and I will recommend this book to other kids. I hope that Maggie van Galen writes more books about the characters from “The Adventures of Keeno and Ernest ‘The Banana Tree’. I really want to read more about them. In her other books maybe a different character could get in some kind of trouble, like Ernest.  Thanks for writing a great book. Also thanks to Joanna Lundeen for the great illustrations, they looked like they were painted. 


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