Destiny, Rewritten

Kathryn Fitzmaurice
Katherine Tegen Books (2013)
ISBN 9780061625015

Reviewed by Sophia McElroy (age10) for Reader Views (6/13)

This is an amazing story of an 11 year old girl named Emily Elizabeth Davis. She was named after a famous poet, Emily Dickinson; her mother’s hoping she would be like her, a famous poet someday. Many years before her daughter was born she bought a book by the famous poet Emily Dickinson and wrote on the first page about her becoming a poet someday. 

One day, as Emily was reading the book, her mother needed her to do something so she set the book on what she didn't know was the donation box. When Emily returned it was gone!  The book she has had for years, that was a piece of her, was gone. Emily, her friend Wavey, her cousin Mortie, and her mother helped look for her book. They looked at Goodwill, book stores... everywhere! It was not there! Will Emily find her book? Find out once you read this adventurous, loving, and beautiful book. 

My favorite character is Emily. I like Emily because she is a very good friend to all of the people in her school; I would like to be her friend. My least favorite character is Mortie. I don't like her because she always reads this spy book and pretends to be a spy. My favorite part is... well...I like the whole book! I like it all because it’s such a great book to read; it's encouraging, and lovely. My least favorite part is when Emily loses her book. I don't like it because; imagine if you’re just walking around and part of you just fell right off. That wouldn't be nice right? I think this is such a great book.

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