Tyler the Fish Saves Lake Erie

Meaghan Fisher
Gypsy Publications (2014)
ISBN 9781938768392
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 7) for Reader Views (12/14)

“Tyler the Fish Saves Lake Erie” by Meaghan Fisher is the story of a bass that lives in Lake Erie. He was a very happy fish and loved to go exploring with his friends all over. One day while having fun and playing with his friends, they went too far away from home and the water was ugly and brown, and they could not even see well. On the bottom of the lake they found some barrels that were leaking brown and had red skulls and crossbones painted on them. They asked themselves what they could be, but did not know. Tyler had an idea to swim back home and bring as many as they could so that all could jump out the water and the seagulls could help so that the human would come and see it. Tyler, Jimmy and the others went for help and came back and they jumped all together.  A seagull saw them jumping and Tyler asked for help, and the seagull called the other seagulls and all flew above in a circle. Then the humans came to the spot and swam down and took all the barrels away.

“Tyler the Fish Saves Lake Erie” by Meaghan Fisher is a very cute story about the teamwork of all the fish, and it teaches you to work hard for what you wish and never give up.

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