Fibles: 10-Minute Children’s Bedtime Stories for modern-day kids!

M.R. Everette
Mill City Press (2012)
ISBN 9781937600761

Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 6) and Mom for Reader Views (7/12)

“Aesop’s Fables” are well known and well loved by persons young and old, but are also quite outdated. Though timeless, the Fables needed an addition to these well-loved tales –enter a very different yet equally wonderful book by M.R. Everette - “Fibles: 10-Minute Children’s Bedtime Stories for modern-day kids!”  These short and entertaining stories are sure to delight those young and old with their modern-day references and timeless lessons, including the topics of truth, naivety, curiosity, timeliness and more!


Erlee the bird was funny because his name was Erlee, which is like the word early but he didn’t like mornings. Mommy laughed at the bird tweeting, but I didn’t think it was funny because that’s how birds talk. Erlee wanted to get to breakfast first but he had to try, try, and try. Then he won!

I also liked Mandrill because he could build like my papa and helped the kids by putting together monkey bars and I love monkey bars. It wasn’t nice of the others to not let him help with the big playground but everything was okay in the end.

My favorite story was the Art of Pikasso! Picasso was real and I love art but this isn’t the same Picasso. The kids all wanted to be something different when they grew up. I want to be an art teacher! Pikasso wanted to be an artist. The kids made fun of his art, that wasn’t nice. Pikasso practiced and practiced but made a mess! His daddy helped him and he learned to ask. All his friends loved his art work. It was big and messy.


“Fibles: 10-Minute Children’s Bedtime Stories for modern-day kids!” by M.R. Everette is an adorable set of twelve short stories that have a small lesson or moral attached to them. In each story, the characters encounter real-life, issues; however big or small, the characters learn how to deal with them. The Fibles are full of puns and references to modern day occurrences yet tied to the story as well.  As my daughter stated, birds do tweet, but so do we! The pun between birds’ communication and our use of twitter tickled me. These types of puns are spread throughout the stories and are quite enjoyable for Mom and Dad as well as the children who understand them. For my six-year-old, a few were over her head, but she loved the stories, the animals and the many relatable issues that are located within the pages of this book. The only off setting issues I have with this book is the price. $11.95 is quite high for such a small and quick read, though it will likely remain on your shelf for years.

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