Fairminded Fran and the Three Small Black Community Cats

Linda Elder
Foundation for Critical Thinking (2012)
ISBN 9780944583470

Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 11) for Reader Views (1/13)

One day when Fairminded Fran was walking behind her school, she saw three, small black cats crawling around a dumpster. She went to get a closer look, but they just ran off. The next day she asked her classmates if they knew about the cats, but no one did. Some students didn’t even care. Fairminded Fran then went to ask her teacher and told him that she wanted to leave out food for the cats and try to help them. He agreed and would go and leave food out for them with her. Fairminded Fran soon begins to make a big difference for the cats and soon finds their Mom! Read on more in “Fairminded Fran and the Three Small Black Community Cats” by Linda Elder to find out what happens next! It truly is amazing.

This is a good and short book with beautiful illustrations. This book is actually a true story in some ways, but the story is amazing. It’s just about a girl who has such a love for animals she can’t help but try to help them. “Fairminded Fran and the Three Small Black Community Cats” by Linda Elder shows that you don’t have to be a certain age to stand up for what you love, especially if it’s the thing you love the most. 

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