Mama and Me

Arthur Dorros
Rayo (2011)
ISBN 9780060581602

Reviewed by Hailey Schlarman (age 2) and Mom for Reader Views (7/11)

What’s the daily life of a young bilingual girl like when she spends it with Mama?  It’s about being together and being independent!  Follow Mama and daughter through the pages of this Hispanic inspired bilingual story, perfect for mothers and daughters who enjoy spending time together and appreciate the flair of culture that may or may not be their own.

Hailey’s Thoughts:

“She say’s ‘I can put on my clothes by myself!’  Mama gets dressed too!  Picking flowers in the garden is fun with Mama.  Her Mama calls her sunflower. My mommy calls me princess.  She practices by herself.  She can write letters.  They make chocolate cookies!  Mama hugs her.  They ride their bikes to get pain for themselves.  They got green paint!  They pick fruit.  They like it.  They pain birds, bird, birds.  They paint the sky too!  The little girl paints all by herself.  She’s made her mommy a present and said ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’

I liked it!  I like to paint.  I do things with my mommy too!  There are lots of colors.”

Mom’s Thoughts:

“Mama and Me” is a cute and colorful book which outlines the relationship between a young bilingual girl and her mother.  While the young girl relies on her mother for many things, she is also very independent and makes it known as often as she can.  Mixed within the story of mother and child are vivid illustrations of the Hispanic influence.  The illustrations are taste specific.  While they are a wonderful representation of another culture for my girls, they are not specific to their taste.  They seemed to joy exploring the book but were not apt to choose it as their bedtime story.  The book is equipped with both English and Spanish phrases and is perfect for bilingual children.  It would also be wonderful for those children learning English or Spanish as the phrases are short and easy for children who are just beginning to read.  Overall we enjoyed this book.  I would purchase it as a gift for specific children in our life.  I recommend it for those children who are bilingual, Hispanic or African American.  They will likely enjoy it the most. 


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