Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch (My First I Can Read!)

James Dean
HarperCollins (2013)
ISBN 9780062110701

Reviewed by Alyvia Summers (age 4) and Cathleen (Mom) for Reader Views (10/13)

“Pete the Cat: Pete’s Big Lunch (My First I Can Read!)” by James Dean

“Pete is very hungry.”

“Pete adds a pickle, cheese, an egg, two hot dogs, a banana, and a can of beans.”

These are just some of the items Pete the cat uses to make a not-so-ordinary sandwich for lunch. He continues to add more and more things until his sandwich is way too big for him to eat.

“Mom, the cat is going to be fat,” Alyvia says, as she listens to the story; she is reading ahead by looking at the pictures and commenting on what Pete the cat is going to use next. She is able to read the words because of the pictures the author puts next to the sentence, and after reading the sentence a few times she is not looking at the picture but reading the word instead. Her favorite part was when Pete the Cat decides his sandwich is too big and he invites his friends over for lunch to share this humongous sandwich he has made.

Parents comments:

“Pete the Cat: Pete’s Big Lunch” by James Dean is a wonderful way to help kids accomplish reading on their own. It is such a joy to see recognition in your child’s eyes that they just read something all on their own. The way the author wrote this book the child can use pictures to read along with the story and for emergent readers who have not established all their letter sounds this is a big help. We will be adding “Pete the Cat” to our home school reading curriculum. I would recommend this book to all children for a fun and educational way to becoming confident readers.

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