Noah Jigsaw Book

Juliet David
Candle Books (2011)
ISBN 9781859858851

Reviewed by Madison (age 5) and Hailey (age 3) Schlarman and Mom for Reader Views (8/11)

“Noah Jigsaw Book” tells the story of Noah while displaying colorful and vivid puzzles that make the story come to life.  There are six, nine-piece jigsaw puzzles in this storybook.  This interactive puzzle book aims to introduce toddlers to Bible truths in a fun and engaging manner.  Its illustrations and durability make it a must have for young learners.

Hailey’s Thoughts:

“Noah made his ark.  He put decorations on the ark.  I mean animals!  He put animals on it and then it rained.  Water came out of the sky!  They were safe.  Noah sent birdies out to see if it was dry.  A rainbow in the sky!  No more floods.  
I like it!  I put all the pieces together.  I like the animals.”  

Madison’s Thoughts:

“The puzzles are all just like the book.  They are fun! Mom helps me find the pieces and the corners!  I like it.  We like the puzzles.  I’m happy we have the book.”

Mom’s Thoughts:

This book surprised me.  It is very well done in regards to the puzzles and the art work.  Each page matches the puzzle laid above it.  This is great for my youngest!  She is able to look at the picture and puzzle piece and learn how to put a puzzle together.  The pieces themselves are very durable and stay in place.  We have not lost any of the pieces due to the firm construction of the book and puzzle pieces.  I love that I can open the book and shake it and not have pieces falling out.  It was very well made and I am happily impressed with its durability!

The story is cute!  It tells the story of Noah and his faith in God in a manner that is understandable to a toddler.  Hailey easily sat through each reading of this book.  I was impressed that she wanted to read it as much as she wanted to play with the puzzle.  Madison also enjoyed the story, but was more interested in putting the puzzles together.  She tried to see how fast she could do them.  Both girls love this book and after MUCH use, it is still in great condition and doesn’t show signs of wear.  I would recommend “Noah Jigsaw Book” to anyone who has a child 3 to 5 years of age.


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