Pretty Dolls

Kimberly Dana
Tate Publishing (2011)
ISBN 9781613464168
Reviewed by Zoey Crane (age 7) and Nana for Reader Views (11/11)

Tasha is a cute little girl who has a wonderful collection of beautiful dolls bought by her dad when he traveled. Two of her dolls were her favorites - Gracie and Emily-Nicole. Of the two, Emily Nicole was the most beautiful, but Gracie had a special place in Tasha’s heart. Gracie had spiky hair and one arm missing. Although Tasha tried to love all her dolls the same, Emily-Nicole and the other dolls liked to make fun of Gracie after Tasha went to bed.


I liked reading this book. It’s about dolls that make fun of another doll because she doesn’t look as beautiful as the other dolls. Even though they were dolls it still isn’t fair that others who look different from them are made fun of. Tasha’s dog, Victor, got into her bedroom and knocked Emily-Nicole off the bookcase and none of the other dolls would help her. Only Gracie would be her friend and told her not to be scared. They became friends after that and Emily-Nicole never made fun of her again. I also liked it because you could listen to it through audio and follow along in the book.


Zoey loved “Pretty Dolls.”  After she read it she read it again and then listened to the audio. She is very caring about kids who look different or have special needs.

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