My Kiss Won’t Miss

Lesley Dahlseng
Whetword Press LLC (2014)
ISBN 9780615987040
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (7) for Reader Views (3/15)

“My Kiss Won’t Miss” by Lesley Dahlseng is a cute book. I liked the pictures of kids everywhere, in the sea, in the snow, on a camel and with a baby lion! I love it when Mommy gives me a kiss before I sleep, and now I can dream that her kiss follows me everywhere! I read it with my mommy and she and I liked how it sounds when you say the words out loud. I also liked to read it over and over before I went to sleep. I think my friends would like to read “My Kiss Won’t Miss” by Lesley Dahlseng with their mommy too!

Mom: Paola really enjoyed the rhyming and the pictures. I had a lot of fun reading it out-loud and pretending my kiss would follow her in her dreams to all the different places shown in the illustrations. This is an awesome bonding book for mother and child or even father and child before going to sleep. I definitely recommend “My Kiss Won’t Miss” by Lesley Dahlseng as a cute gift for parents to share with their toddler to early reader, and give it five stars. I will look into this author for more books for sure!